E Marking Certification is essentially a declaration by manufacturers that a product meets all applicable legal provisions set by the European Union under the CE Marking requirements and is your ticket to access the EU market.

We have helped countless manufacturers understand and meet the requirements of relevant New Approach Directives for CE Marking.

Put our advisory, testing, and CE certification services to work for you and allow us to guide you through every step of the CE Marking process.

How do we start CE Certification?

A simple yet essential start of this procedure is to comprehend its definition and main topics. CE Certification is a process which authorizes to affix CE marking on a product. Ideally, it should start during the development stage of the product as certain CE requirements exist that relate to product safety, user health, and environment. In other words, it is preferable to know these requirements on day 1 of the development stage. Nonetheless, it is possible to issue a CE certificate for ready-to-use products. As a final note, economic operators should be aware that products with a CE certificate must comply with European safety rules in order to be traded freely within the European Economic Area (EEA).

Steps to CE Certification

  1. Determine which directive(s) are applicable to your product
  2. Fulfill the essential requirements
  3. Establish a monitoring system
  4. Establish an accident reporting system
  5. Declaration of Conformity
  6. Save the documentation for 10 years after a product has been placed on the market
  7. Register with the appropriate governing body within Europe